One February birth flower is the iris. Iris express peace of mind, Friendship, Faith, Hope, and Wisdom.

Iris is a genus of flowering plants with showy flowers which takes its name from the Latin word for rainbow, referring to the wide variety of flower colors found among the many species as well as countless garden cultivars. While Iris is the scientific name for the genus, ‘iris’ is also very widely used as a common name and refers to all Iris as well as several closely-related genera. Iris is also applied to a subdivision within the genus.

There are many species of Iris, widely distributed throughout the north temperate zone. Their habitats are very varied and range from cold regions into the grassy slopes, meadowlands, stream banks and deserts of Europe, the Middle East and northern Africa, Asia and across North America. Elevation is of not much importance.


Another February birth flower is Violets (Viola) are a genus of flowering plants in the family Violaceae, with around 400-500 species throughout the world, mainly in the temperate Northern Hemisphere but also in Hawaii, Australia, and the Andes in South America. They are typically found in moist and slightly shaded conditions such as hedgerows.

Flower colors vary in the genus; many are violet as their name suggests, and some are blue, some yellow, some white, some cream; some are bi colored, often blue and yellow. Making beautiful colored Birth flowers for February.

One quirk of some violets is the elusive scent of their flowers; along with terpenes, a major component of the scent is a ketone compound called ionone, which temporarily desensitizes the receptors in the nose; sniff all you like, you won’t get any more smell from the flower.

Also the dog violets, a group of scentless species which are common violets in many areas, the Sweet Violet Viola odorata (named from its sweet scent), and many other species whose common name includes the word “violet”. Several species are known as pansies, including the Yellow Pansy of the Pacific coasts.



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